Monday, March 27, 2017

Life is not just dollar bills

Hush! Can you now hear them talk?
As we take a nature walk
Murmurs in the sky above
Of both eagle and the dove

Then put your ear to the ground
You will hear their pleas abound
Of the creatures "Please help me"
"We're in trouble don't you see?"

First the wolf then the lizard
Lying their with open gizzard
Killed or starved in their own land
By neglect or cruel man's hand

Our rich world can act right
Not if we unfairly fight
This world is a treasure store
Hurt it, then we are no more

Life is not just dollar bills
Kill the creatures, rape the hills
The days shorten everyone
Watch out or our lives are done

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Waiting for Annie

Those long lonely months without you
The velvety touch of your skin
The sweet taste of your luscious lips
My heart's a casket of love within

The way your pretty eyes look
As I poured a glass of red wine
The glint of sunshine in your hair
That winsome look, you were all mine

I see some smoke in the foothills
Cruel flames now flicker in the trees
I'm here alone waiting for you
Dearest one, come back home soon please

There's dust blowing on the highway
How I've been in such a stew
You've added so much to my life
I just couldn't live without you

You now drive into the carport
My heart beats thunderous applause
I kiss and hug you with longing
Holding hands as we walk indoors

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What was her name?

Oh, what was her name?
How the years are cruel
I still see her eyes
It's her that I blame

Beckoned to the woods
Resting by her fire
"Sit by me" she says
"Come let's play a game"

Wood smoke drifted up
Sleepy, my eyes closed
She then spoke to me
My mind she did claim

These words she whispered
"Take care of my world
There's those that mean harm
For greed is their name"

Now I am like her
I can talk to owls
Creatures scamper up
With me they are tame

Warning signs they show
When nature needs help
Birds, beasts and insects
All to me they came

Fish would do as well
With mouths all agape
With them I had doubts
But they were in pain

Troubles others told
Foolishness of man
Ruining the wild world
Just for their own gain

I'm a wanted man
Just like that woman
Many years ago
Cybele her name

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Cybele was the Phrygian and Greek Earth goddess and clearly needs help if she is seeking assistance from me to preserve the beautiful wild places!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Over the sand

They walked down over the sand
Close smiling holdng on tight
Her sandals held in her hand
Surf beating in careless might

Sun's flames were exhausted for 
Moon's nightly rule of the sky
So seagulls now left the shore
Once they gave their last outcry

At boulder's edge they now sat
He spoke her name and she his
But touch was best not just chat
Their love was sealed with a kiss

Exhausted she clung to him
In night's blindness touch was all
As they both hugged limb to limb
Consoled by the night birds call

As in classic tales steadfast
They strolled back over the sand
Hoping that their love would last
Fingers entwined hand in hand

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Match point

"Match point" she squealed with delight as once again she beat me at the game.

I didn't make any excuses for she really was much better at tennis than me.

Then there was the fact she was my girlfriend too and I liked her brown legs and the way she flicked her hair.

I always imagined that I would marry her one day but that didn't happen for she gave me the boot and found another fellow and we parted ways.

I am an old man now and I still remember her and her winsome smile that seemed to promise so much but sadly not for me.

However it is good to recapture those moments of my youth when I was young and strong and a whole new world was opening up for me even if I couldn't beat my girlfriend at tennis.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How I used to be

Oh mirror just why do you fail me now?
Emphasizing lined eyes and wrinkled brow
And what are these tufts of hair in my ears?
Which are bigger now than my younger years

Once I grinned at you with such manly pride
But now each morn I really want to hide
What is worse is that pesky bathroom scale
You have crushed the vanity of this male

Just where has that young and handsome man gone?
Flirting with cute lasses egging them on
Pretty girls in the cafe now look at me
Wondering how this old guy used to be

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Gentle falling rain

Blue sky this morning
But soon though clouds filled the sky
First white then turned grey

Sad they seemed to be
Soon they wept tears from the sky
Gentle falling rain

As I stayed indoors
Happy trees waved in the sky
My plants also grinned

As clouds blew away
Birds now swept down from the sky
For a welcome drink

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