Wednesday, March 21, 2018

You colour my life

You colour my life
Eyes green like grass in Spring
Lips red as roses in bloom
You are a treasure my wife

You sing songs of love
Your warm hand placed in mine
I love to feel your soft skin
In your glance how your eyes shine

Oh what joy was ours
When living together
As our pink babies arrived
Our hearts light as a feather

I'm dreaming of course
You died all those years past
Awake from my reverie
I now feel grey and downcast

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Guinness is no mans friend

Damn you Keiran for getting me sloshed
Tho' I was nowhere as drunk as you
And got cursed when I got home so late
'Cos I had to take you to your wife
Totally plastered, that you were, mate

I say draft Guinness is no man's friend
At two pubs we were thrown out last night
First time I had fought with my bare fists
Glad I stuck to drinking my Pale Ale
My were you soused, away in the mists

Why do you Paddy's sing such songs
And want to punch everyone in sight?
What made it worse you craved pie and chips
Then got tomato sauce down your front
Laid on the pavement you saw an eclipse

What's worse was that when I got you home
Your wife Siobhan thought that you'd been stabbed
Screamed at me for getting you in this fix
So forget next time, my wife got quite mad
Says next week I take her to the flicks

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My Frailty

Sweet girl that sugars all my needs
Appears now with bottle in hand
"Wine?" She asks. pouring me a glass
Burning a fond kiss on my heart
Whilst I'm writing in my man cave

Flowers have no hope when she's here
They nod their heads in humility
Petals droop jealous of her flair
Whilst my heart flares with ardent love
Hoping one day she will say "Yes"

Sadly I had not read the signs
For her look, her speech, passed me by
She whispered with a voice that burns
Severing bonds permanently
Then I wept showing my frailty

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But not any more

I cringe in a heap
Like wild wolf in pain
Cornered and wounded
Snarling at shadows

I feel small and weak
You've blighted my life
Cajoled and hurt me
Since you left me alone

Called me unkind names
Hurt by any means
Such was your practice
Of one far

Oh how I loved you
You've gone forever
Except in my mind
O how I loved you

But not any more

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The train took her away

I knew it was over
My sad scream told me so
As I listened at night 
The train took her away

It's not that we argued
We parted, it made sense
She hated the country
It was her that was fenced

The sweet silence of night
With kiss of the bright moon
And with thousands of stars
Paled in her mind too soon

She missed the mad night life
The bars, clothes shops and shows
T'was beauty and the beast
What strange romance was ours

"It's just a break she said
An owl hooted goodbye
I hoped it was not true
There were tears in my eyes

I lay abed dreaming
But was screaming with pain
I was counting my loss
Hoping, hoping in vain

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What joy the feeling

I drew the curtains
Weather was miserable
A sombre grey day

Sad clouds rushed above
Obedient to the wind
Raspy thunder coughed

Then the lightning struck
The clouds wet themselves with fear
And I laughed out loud

So I went outside
Standing there unprotected
Kissed now by the rain

At first on my face
Then my hair and down my neck
Whay joy the feeling

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Feeling guilty

The stars wink out as night's silence is broken
Early birds start welcoming dawns gift of day
My brain charges me to get up like a child
Whose only options are to eat, sleep or play

So I do, out of the blue, jump out of bed
Skip shower, don jeans and sneakers "Hello Day"
It's a bit drafty out here, don't care, I'm wired
I'm off, I'm happy, don't care what you all say!

I"m on the walking trail, not many about
Just a twitter and hoot, but look there's a Jay
Tinkle of water means a stream is nearby
I stray from the path, take care, don't lose your way

The water's so clear and the bottom is sand
I sit on the bank, fish fry darting in play
And all manner of things, and weeds wave to me
Squeak behind as grey squrrel says "Go away"

But the clouds have come up; pity, just my luck
It looks stormy up there and now it's quite gray
That has marred my wonderful adventure out
Feeling guilty; as what will the nursing home say?

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