Thursday, August 17, 2017

I look in your eye

I'm no flash dancer
No, it's not my style
But you're in my arms
We'll spin for a while

I feel your warm hand
Together we're close
We move our bodies
You scent's like a rose

I look in your eye
Deep as a dark pool
Oh music play on
For I'm but a fool

Your eyes now meet mine
They're eager for more
Dancing is fun
But you I adore

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The flood of tears

How could I not feel?
The deep anguish in her eyes
As I spoke those words

How could I not see?
The flood of tears on her cheeks
As we argued long

How could I walk out?
Without giving it a thought
From our house that night

Moon hid in the clouds
In the cold I walked alone
Regretting each word

Later I returned
Everything was in darkness
There was not a sound

She slept with the kids
With her arms around them both
It's my turn to weep

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Just three little kids

Just three little kids
Wading barefoot in the stream
Glorious summer

Just three little kids
Run with their dog in the park
Screaming with laughter

Just three little kids
With a bag full of candy
Heaven for the day

This little haiku stream was posted elsewhere almost exactly three years ago today and is just a sweet reminder of childhood

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

In the shadows

"Penny for them" she said
Wife wanted to know what I was thinking
Wished she hadn't asked me

My mind in the shadows
Of those days when I was young and free
And of young Cindy Lee

Young and brown and smiling
With her dark hair in loops and ringlets
Loving eyes just for me

I loved her that's for sure
But it wasn't written in the stars
Confirmed by father Lee

I got wise quite quickly
So began life's crooked path, but not
With my young Cindy Lee

I wonder if she'd say
If we met walking down the street
"Couldn't you wait for me?"

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

I remember

I remember him
The smoky dance floor
And the boozy nights
Trad jazz band playing
We were in our teens
Laughing at nothing
When we both got stoned

He joined the forces
Then when I asked why
His answer was just
To see the wide world
Never imagined
Him with back pack on
The day that he phoned

It wasn't all true
Bare faced lies in fact
He bagged a job as 
A special agent
Unknown to us all
'Til his wife called 
Surprised I'd not known

Well push came to shove
They lost him abroad
Came back a hero
But dead to the world
Played jazz in the church
I'd pushed for that thought
Of times we were stoned

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

My pen pal

Can I tell you about my pen pal
Who I am sure is a sweet gal
That writes a lot about her land
But doesn't know I want to hold her hand
Then dance around in a pas-de-deux
And kiss her lips as I imagine her
Grinning and looking into my eyes
And when I touch I hear her sighs
Then wrap her up in a warm embrace
Only see a wide smile on her face
Perhaps she doesn't want all that
But only wants to show me her cat
Or take me to her busy city
While I would like some serenity
By wrapping her up in my arms
By being beguiled with her charms
Perhaps I shouldn't go on like that
As teacher said we should only chat

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Come out to play

We moved into an old house in the country in June so many years ago and the weather was already warm so we left the doors and windows open wide to create a cool draft within.

Later as winter winds blew we closed them tight to keep what warm air there was in the room we were especially the bedrooms at night before we air conditioning.

We had hardly been in bed five minutes when we heard this scratching noise on one of the other doors so my wife nudged me and said "What's that?"

So I got up and looked out from our door and still the scratching went on so one by one I checked the others doors to see if a rat or bird or open window could make that sound until I came to a little storage room and opened that,

Without ado there was a whoosh and a grateful sigh and I was almost blown off my feet as this gust of air enveloped me and blew away I know not where.

Strangely though rather being scared out my wits I felt now calm and serene for I then realised we lived with a friendly ghost that needed just one open door to come out and play.

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To sleep safe

How can we fix this broken world
Just how can we do what is right
To stop this urge to always fight
Wouldn't that be a glorious sight
Love each other with all our might
To sleep safe this and every night
With all the family all held tight
And you in my arms safely curled?

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Would I rather be all alone?
Feet dangling in a passing stream
Talking to a bird in a tree

Or laying my head on your breast?
To be drifting off in a dream
Hearing your heart beat just for me

Better still we could both be there
Kissing, cuddling our eyes agleam
Together is best don't you agree?

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Sunday, August 6, 2017


How would Blanche love me?
I smile politely
She seems not to care
I blow her kisses
She then turns her face
I know what to do
I'll pick this black rose
And give it to her
Her eyes wide open
She now smiles at me
and kisses my cheek

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Not at this address

It had been returned
Rejected "not at this address"
Had I for years been blind?

Going through his mail
I then saw an envelope 
Of quite a different kind

I thought for a bit
Despite all my misgivings
I had to satisfy my mind

So I searched the house
Cupboards, drawers, everywhere
The truth I would have to find

His untidy desk
I looked in the bottom drawer
Aha! My hard thoughts were unkind

What a shock to find 
He'd been suppoprting a child
In a far off land, wasn't that kind?

The hardest part though
Was unrest in the boy's land
Contact was now out of mind

Sorting out his stuff
Now saw the man I married
Oh clock won't you unwind?

Thinking back I weep
Now he's gone I feel such regret
How could I have been so blind?

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This poem about a woman finding her husband had been supporting a child up to his death is merely a reaction to the prompt words which leads authors down strange pathways!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Waiting for the god of thunder

Blossom on the nut tree
And burst of mixed color
In my wee garden bed
Oh isn't nature kind?

I simmer during rain
Pulling labels off jam jars
It matters that I'm stuck
Thor has won once again

The garden weeps with tears
Long chains of clouds storm on
Lightning punches hard
Lawn's surface is a lake

Storm god now clears his throat
His rumble now abates
Sun winks his eye at me
Behind white cloud he peeps

Blossom on the nut tree
And burst of mixed color
In my wee garden bed
Oh isn't nature kind?

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Thor is the norse god of thunder, lightning and storms

Friday, August 4, 2017


The best part of sailing in a barge
Forgetting of course how much they charge
The ease at being master mariner
Without the problem of a spinnaker
Plying the canals and rivers calm
Where rough seas and wild winds cause no harm
I admit they travel at a snails pace
But they do so with such stately grace
The only scare is coming into docks
Or getting in and through narrow locks
But best of all is docking for the night
Without wild seas making you sick with fright

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

With my girl

In the front room with my girl, you know the one that had the curls.
Kiss and a tickle, she giggled and screamed, now we're in a pickle.
For surely now her Ma will come right in, just in case we've rowed.

I'll just make sure my girl is all buttoned up, yes, that's OK.
There's no knock upon the door but her Ma comes right in.
"You're quiet" she says smiling, "Your Dad's got the TV on loud."

Readers please forgive me for writing six line poetry instead but it's become a habit!

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I saw it in their eyes

I saw it in their eyes
It was the fear of the unknown
Their lives stolen, the hurt yet to come

I saw it in their eyes
Children's tears on thir sad cheeks
Mother wondering what could be done

I saw it in their eyes
The teenage girl's panicked glance
He former dreams of love undone

I saw it in their eyes
The bruised face of the father
The look of anger and hopes all gone

But nothing in the eyes
Just a job and he was paid
Said the masked man holding up his gun

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not one word

Our mortal days start full of pain
Crying lustily that is plain
Continuing on all our lives
Starting when that warm breast is gone
My how I wept that was so wrong

How I cried my first day at school
It felt all wrong, I was a fool
I couldn't pull my trousers up
So refused to go the second day
Much to my dear mothers dismay

When things finally settled down
My sad face alwasy wore a frown
Especially when that fair haired girl
Poked her pink tongue out at me
When I cried they all laughed at me

Then teenage years did surprise
Growing up opened up my eyes
Now we were in a battle royal
We learned of that glorious cup
Sounding so good but could not sup

However love does find its way
For a short while things seem OK
Marriage and our little children
Halcyon days no end in site
Until I wake with such a fright

I find that I'm an old man now
With tumbling feet and weathered brow
The bells are tolling just for me
That's because no-one else has heard
I leave this life with not one word

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